Mount Hood from Trillium Lake Snowshoeing

Trillium Lake Mount Hood Snowshoeing

While the weather hasn’t been perfectly conducive to outdoor activities, I was able to escape to the wildly popular Trillium Lake on a gorgeous, sunny day. Five of us ventured to Government Camp and, despite the crowd at the parking lot, we had the loop pretty much to ourselves. Most of the other folks we saw were nordic skiing. The road is divided 50/50 for skiers and snowshoers, so there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Trillium Lake Government Camp

We viewed Mount Hood in all it’s glory with the afternoon sun putting on a light show. The entire trek turned out to be just under 5 miles and the effort was rather light.

Trillium Lake Loop Hike Snowshoeing

The only downside was the hillbilly with his kid on his lap trying to put on snow chains for 30 minutes while blocking the exit. By the time we left, the mountain was clearing out and traffic was a bit of a mess. We had good company to enjoy, so nobody complained about the traffic too much. All in all, this is a great beginner trek for snowshoe novices. We walked on the frozen lake a little bit and soaked in the mountain views. If you live nearby and you haven’t gotten out there yet this year, do yourself a favor and get after it. Winter won’t last forever. Check out the video below for more scenes from our excursion.

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